Do you ever feel inspired?

There are days when you just want to stay home in bed, relax, watch a good movie… be on your own..  We might just feel lazy, or need some time for ourselves. With days passing by, it can become a habit, and we might keep postponing things that should be done, thinking there’s always “Tomorrow”.

That happens to me so many times. I work shifts, so let’s say I don’t lead a very mainstream life, and when I get some time off, I just want to relax and enjoy my time with my friends.

Well, remember in the first post I was mentioning something about the New Year’s Resolutions (Yes, I’m referring to January :)) )? I have ticked off one thing from the list so far: Salsa Dancing.

I have started dancing so often, that it takes away most of my free time.. and to be honest, I love it. It made me meet so many wonderful people, and be part of a community that I truly enjoy.

On that list though, another important point was starting this blog.. and I kinda failed by not updating it since. But one thing at a time.. 🙂 I will definitely be posting more.

So going back to the title of this post: “Do you ever feel inspired?”

Have you ever spent time with interesting people? The ones that make you stop and think about life, how you should be living life, the ones that open your eyes and, just with a few words, push you to be the better version of yourself and explore your full potential?

I recently have, and boy was it a nice experience. See, I think that everyone is special in their own way, but sometimes it’s just hard to find inspiring people, the ones you look up to in a certain way and you are able to learn from. And I’m not saying you cannot learn from everyone else, of course we do. It’s just a different type of learning I am referring to here.

I love people that do not limit themselves to just being regular friends, people who have an open mind, a clear vision of what they want, people who, if you are still uncertain of what you are looking for in life, can give you a glimpse into a whole new world of opportunities. In two words: Inspiring People.

In the last few months I have learned so much about myself, about my goals and my desires, and I am thankful to have had some wonderful people by my side, whom I could talk to, and share ideas with. I believe to have grown so much in so little time.

I cannot say I changed completely, because I do not believe in radical changes. We will always be the same person as before. We just start evolving, improving, connecting to life and others in different ways. And that’s what happened in my case. I feel like I’m seeing life with bright new eyes.

So I’m very excited the months to come 🙂

Hopefully you can all find something or someone that inspires you, that pushes you to understand yourselves better, something that directs you towards a path you didn’t know you were dreaming of before. Because that, my lovely friends, is something irreplaceable.

That is MAGIC.



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